Palette Hotels Developments is proud to announce Rebecca Grafe as our Super Star teammate of the Month. Rebecca joined our Palette Hotels Developments team in the role of Sales Director at the TownePlace, El Paso al little over a year ago. This avid ultra-marathoner hit the ground running and has not slowed down. We are thrilled that she joined the race with Team Palette Hotels. Congratulations Rebecca!!

Rebecca quickly established genuine connections with local companies, organizations and most importantly with people. “Rebecca possesses a seemingly innate gift of connection with each person she encounters, ” says Madhi Nair, Founder and CEO of Palette Hotels Developments Hospitality Management Company in El Paso, TX. Rebecca attributes this quality to being a great listener. She tunes in to what guests and teammates are saying. “You can learn so much about your guests by simply being a genuinely active listener, says Rebecca. It is not rocket science, but it takes focus to home in on what your guests are saying and even how they say it. Taking this time pays off tenfold because it builds sincere relationships that are long lasting both professionally and personally.”

“Rebecca personalizes each guest experience,” says Martha Riley, General Manager at the Marriot Towne Place, El Paso. “At first I was a little scared because Rebecca would promise the moon, the stars, and the sun but I soon saw the wisdom that Rebecca possessed in tailoring each guest experience.” “We want to bring that 5-Star service experience to each guest here at the Towne Place, El Paso,” says Rebecca.

Personal connection is truly the resounding Philosophy of Palette Hotels Developments Hospitality Management Company in Texas. We believe in delivering first class customer service even in small town USA or here in the great city of El Paso. “I admire the fact that Rebecca continuously raises the bar which inspires us all”, says Martha. Even when it costs a bit more at the onset it is well worth a happy and loyal guest that comes back again and again. Seeing our guests really love their stay makes us all feel great.”

Rebecca, came from the Emma Hotel in San Antonio, TX with 19 years in the hospitality industry in her pocket. She joined Palette Hotels with a “pedigree” background in the industry. When asked why she chose Palette Hotels Developments, she said it was the diversity of the team that was incredibly compelling. She felt especially motivated to join because of the strong female leadership of Palette Hotels Developments. “I have worked for many hospitality companies but most of them had nearly all males in the top-level positions. So when I got the opportunity to sit down and interview with Vicki Castellanos, the Vice President of Operations at Palette Hotels, I knew that I would be part of a team that develops qualified female leaders all the way up to the top levels and that really resonated with me.”

Rebecca’s passion is “opening” new properties. She loves the ” the bustle, the craziness, the orchestrated chaos and the adrenaline rush followed by the wave of gratification and satisfaction of being part of a team the brings everything together for a successful opening.” Rebecca, along with an incredibly talented team opened the Marriot Towne Place El Paso in February 2020. Despite many challenges they are making some magic happen while navigating through the toughest of all challenges, the Covid Pandemic. “If as a team we can successfully navigate through this pandemic we can get through anything”, says Rebecca.

Team Towne Place, El Paso actionizes the values of commitment and dedication, volunteering to quarantine at their property to accommodate the safety needs of their groups and guests. “The TownePlace El Paso team shows unparalleled dedication during this unprecedented time,” says Mauro Romero, Regional Director of Operations at Palette Hotels Developments.

Rebecca nut shelled her wisdom for success in hospitality into three simple tips. “First, listen attentively to your guests and teammates. Second, be sure to always prioritize the guest’s issues. Third, treat each guest’s problems like they are your own and help them solve them.”

At Palette Hotels we are honored to have Rebecca Grafe as part of our Palette Hotels talent team, and we cannot wait to watch her grow and develop within the industry, within herself and within Palette Hotels. Rebecca, we know that one day your dream is to one day live in Italy, so one day Palette Hotels may just have to have a grand opening somewhere in Italy😊

Rebecca, thanks for choosing us each day at Palette Hotels!!!