Palette Hotels Developments Hotel Management Group provides a seamless start to finish approach to hotel receivership. Our Management team comes with decades of collective experience, punctuated with a track record of success in turning around distressed properties. We deploy high level strategy with a tactical operational approach to ensure hotel receivership results that lenders are looking for. We accomplish this with aggressive sales and marketing, a controlled methodology of bringing expenses in line, and with a myriad of corporate relationships. We know how to stop the hemorrhaging of a distressed property, stewarding the asset to stabilization and profitability within record time.


In the hotel receivership process Palette Hotels believes in establishing win-win outcomes for owners and lenders. With a solidly established expertise in handling the intricacies of CMBS loans, foreclosures, and forbearances, we find attractive options that are mutually beneficial for both lenders and owners. We know that making the decision to dispose of a property can be painstaking. That is why we ferry you through the entire process, ultimately finding the right buyer and the best deal. We believe that transactions are not just financial but also personal, so we promise the utmost integrity and transparency. We provide access to our long standing and deeply established networks, including brokerage communities, lending institutions, private equity groups, high net worth individuals, and family offices. This means we will bring you ample and quality disposition opportunities that you can feel good about.

  • Legal Compliance with a Team of Experts
  • Strategic Road Map Planning, Maximizing Asset Value & ROI
  • Track Record of Growing & Developing Assets
  • Portfolio that Performs Top of Comp Sets Across Markets
  • Data Driven Benchmark Measures
  • Comprehensive Financial Analysis
  • Strategic Market Positioning
  • Contextualized Understanding of Operational Needs
  • In-Depth Market Analysis
  • Nimble & Thorough Contract Negotiation
  • Tailored Sales Strategies to Increase RevPar
  • Financial Risk Mitigation Measures
  • Operational Efficiencies
  • Streamlining Operations
  • Effective Cost Reduction Measures
  • Payroll Management
  • Best in Class Training & Professional Development
  • Cross Training & Cross Functionality Practices


If you are interested in commercial real estate investment, there are a lot of options, which can easily overwhelm and confuse any prospect. With Palette Hotels Developments – the hotel management company you can take comfort in knowing that our expertise and experience in the hospitality management industry can put your mind at ease. Our knowledge and understanding of real estate; in particular, hotels, multi-family and senior living homes, makes us the ideal partner for any endeavor. With our novel growth strategy and implementation plans for hotel receivership you can be sure that your dollar goes farther.


Describe the role of a Hotel Receivership?

The role of the Hotel Receiver is to stabilize the property and ensure lender obligations are met swiftly.

When is Hotel Receivership necessary?

Hotel Receivership becomes a necessary option when a downward trend has resulted in mortgage delinquency and is attributable to property mismanagement.

What do you look for in a Hotel Receivership Team?

As a lender you need a team that can achieve solvency and improve asset valuation during a transition period. A successful Hotel Receiver is court appointed and has a proven track record of improving the value of the property, quickly returning the hotel asset to financial health. A sought-after Receiver is adept at handling the complexities of franchise agreements/negotiations and F&B operations, particularly liquor licensing laws. As a lender you need a Receivership team that hits the ground running by implementing comprehensive cost containment measures while improving key metrics such as RGI and AGI. Finding a Receivership team that also assists is disposition is a huge asset.

Palette Hotels Hotel Developments- The Pandemic induced Hotel Receivership Experts

Throughout the entirety if the Covid Pandemic, Palette Hotels Hotel Developments has not made a single capital call to date. This is exceptional, only made possible by implementing the most effective cost containment measures coupled with incredibly low turnover and a team the works around the clock for our stakeholders. Other companies may claim this, but we can prove it. During these times you need a company that can mean what they say and say what they mean. Let our Receivership Specialists help you and your employees get paid and improve your market positioning.