A powerhouse Palette Hotels teammate. A distinguished college grad. A dedicated mom. A “real” life inspiration.

Tyesha King is a powerful woman that marches to the credo “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” inspiring her teammates along the way at Palette Hotels Development a hotel management company in El Paso, Texas.

Tyesha joined our Palette Hotels Hotel Management talent team about a year ago, embodying the core values that we hold high at Palette Hotels Developments. “Integrity, commitment, dependability, passion, respect, responsibility, kindness and adaptability are what we strive for when putting teams together and Tyesha fit right in from the start. Each day, Tyesha, puts her whole heart and soul into her work. She shows up with a team building attitude and she takes care of our guests like her own family. These qualities are positively contagious to the team,” say Theresa Cormier, General Manager of the Candlewood Suites in Beaumont, Texas. “I love coming to work every day, I really enjoy what I do. At the Candlewood, we know how to work hard and have fun too.

I meet so many wonderful people and what I love about my team leader, Theresa, is that she always gets us together to celebrate the small stuff. I also really appreciate the opportunity that I have been presented at Palette Hotels Developments to cross train. In addition to my role in housekeeping, I also work at the front desk. The cross training has given me tremendous insight into what other departments go through. I take even more pride and confidence into checking a guest into a room that I know I cleaned myself. The cross training also keeps me on a path of progress and development in the hospitality industry which means a lot to me.” says Tyesha.

Tyesha shares a story of so many women working on the front line in the hospitality industry, a story of dedication, motivation, and survival. Through the entirety of the height of the recent Coronavirus outbreak she worked morning to evening in a most critical department, housekeeping. Once she finishes her duties at the Candlewood, she rushes home to fix her kids a quick meal, check in on their studies, and give them a big hug. She then dashes out to evening school at a local community college, fueled with the drive of making a better life for her and her two children. She reaches home at 9:30pm, exhausted but in time to tuck her babies in bed. Many days, in the quite of the night, she releases her gated tears heavy with hardship and loss. One of the heart tugging challenges Tyesha faces as a single mom while working and going to school full time, is that her kids miss her so much. They often tell her, “Momma you are never home. We miss you mom.” Tyesha responds steadfast and lovingly: “be patient babies, be patient… I am working hard so you have a better life.” For Tyesha, her kids are her entire world and even though she cannot be with them all day, her commitment to paving a bright future for her family is a quality that her children deeply admire about their mom. As a token of appreciation, Tyesha’s son fixes her a healthy breakfast to kickstart her day. “He’s my little man, the man of the house and the little man of my life,” says Tyesha.

Tyesha’s story has inspired us all at Palette Hotels Hotel Management Company.” She models the kind of pick yourself up from your bootstraps grit and strength.” We know that one day she will fulfill her dream in the field of medicine, but we are sure glad to have Tyesha with us along her path of progress.” Just recently, Ms. Tyesha King added college graduate to her life’s resume, earning a degree as medical assistant.

Tyesha, we are immensely proud to have you as part of our Palette Hotels family. Life provides us all an opportunity to be a beacon of positivity, enriching the lives of those we meet along our journey. Thank you for being that inspiration for all of us at Palette Hotels. Congratulations to you and best wishes to your bright future. Shoot for the Stars Tyesha!!!!

Your Palette Hotels Family