Dearest Guests,
My name is ______. I am proudly your housekeeper and I love and respect the important work I do to make your stay a great one. Though I don’t often get the opportunity to interact with you as much as I’d like to, I know that when you walk into a room that I have clean, stamped, approved and inspected it makes your day and for me that is very gratifying. My name is more than letters scripted my on lapel. Though I often stand between my cart and you, I stand with making your stay optimal. My role is so critical in your guest experience, especially now, as our hotel has dutifully ramped up all cleaning protocols and methods, ensuring that your stay is pristine clean. One way we do this is by utilizing electrostatic sprayers to sanitize your room upon check out.

My desk is my cart as I work with cleaning supplies and linens. I know that I do critically important work to ensure that your ‘home away from home’ is clean, sanitized and safe. I know that a properly cleaned and sanitized room is of the highest priority. I am honored to be a member of the Palette Hotels Clean Team across this state and country. I also realize that there are many aspects of my job that aren’t exactly glamorous but they sure are crucial. Perhaps, I do the kind of work that most would never want to do, but you see, I must, and because I must, I take a lot of pride in my good work. Many of you walk past me, quickly, without paying much attention and though in some cases my English may be broken, my eyes see in complete sentences and my heart wants to be recognized as well. Please see me and notice how important my role is here as my team members do. You see, I have a story just like you. When you walk past me on your next visit look up at me just as I look up to you. We need each other. I sure know I need and appreciate you checking in with us when you have so many choices. I am grateful you choose to stay in the room I personally readied for you. Have a delightful stay and come back and see us again soon.

P.S… I am also a mom, a wife, a daughter, a student, a sister, a mentor, a community volunteer, a friend, a teammate, and am asset to my community and proudly your housekeeper for Palette Hotels Developments Hospitality Management Company in El Paso, TX. I have a story too.
My name is ……….
“The woman behind the cart.”

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