Winter Storm Uri will go down in the Texas history books as the storm that rocked a state. As Texans, we learned a lot about how an energy grid works (or doesn’t), ice is not our friend, and extended days of freezing temperatures are not compatible with our molecular structures.

When the storm began rolling through, the rest of the country took shots at Texas and how we don’t know how to handle a little snow. When our situation began to deteriorate and became severe, the Texas battle cry became “we aren’t equipped to handle this.” This is only partially correct.

Our energy infrastructure may have failed, but our people did not. The hospitality industry proved once again, that we show up and get it done. Our teams at Palette Hotels Developments (Hotel Management Company) embody that we do what it takes to keep our properties functioning to the best of our abilities and our guests safe. What made this situation unique was 75% of our properties experienced the same disaster at the same time.

Rolling blackouts, frozen pipes, and water shortages made for a harrowing week. Our GMs and their teams spent countless hours securing properties, helping guests and managing what limited resources were available. With roads impassable all across the state, supply lines grounded to a halt, people had to make do with what was left.

Not surprising, but the phone calls and texts to check on each other kept coming. As a team, we are so good at rallying around a property that needs support. This time, when we were all in the same boat, you still reached out and encouraged each other. I may be biased, but I know that I work with an amazing group of GMs and associates that genuinely care about their teams and colleagues. We may be spread out, but the compassion and empathy our teams possess, knows no bounds.

Hearing stories about how guests even pitched in to help whether it was feeding staff or setting up pop up pantries is a testament to your efforts and how much you mean to other people. What you do matters so much.

While I hope to never experience a storm like this again, I think we all earned some bragging rights. The next time someone says “Texans aren’t equipped to handle this”, I think the clap back can be “unless you work in hospitality.”

Thank you to our GMs and your teams for proving, once again, that you are the right people at the right time. You toughed it out, came through, and shined.

Much respect from your Palette Hotels family.

Beautifully written by
Elizabeth Brooks (Revenue Manager at Palette Hotels Developments) and Blogger extraordinaire.

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